Join the SAFE Cities movement

Crowd of protesters, with one person holding up sign that reads "system change not climate change" with a painted globe

If you’re looking to do something meaningful to address the threat fossil fuels pose to our communities and the climate, you’ve come to the right place.

SAFE Cities is growing movement of communities phasing out fossil fuels and fast-tracking clean energy solutions. By joining this movement, you’ll be taking the first step towards building healthy and resilient neighbourhoods, accelerating the transition to renewable energy, and protecting ourselves and our communities from the threat of toxic fossil fuel pollution.

Already more than 30 cities and counties across the US – and one in Canada! – have passed concrete policies to stop fossil fuel expansion, build renewable energy infrastructure, and create good, long-term jobs. Together, we know that we can turn these local victories into a powerful global movement.

Will you join the movement and make your community SAFE? Sign up by using this form or click here to see the SAFE Cities Map and learn more about what other communities are doing! 

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Join the SAFE Cities movement